wtorek, 31 stycznia 2017

Portrait drawing

Hello lovelies!
I would like to share with you a portrait drawing I did for my friend as a present for her boyfriend on christmas. I hope you like it and if you have any requests for portraits and designs, feel free to send me an email:

My trip to Cyprus

Prom 2017

Hello lovelies!
I had my prom which means that I have only 100 days until my final exams to get my high school certificate. 100 days is really not a lot and I will have to do a lot of preperation and studying before the finals to pass them. I wanted to have my prom look inspired by the 50's style, I wore a long dress made from a very delicate material in a light blue colour with a silver stira on the waist line. I did a simple make-up using black eye liner and a red lipstick. For the hair I used a flat iron to curl them and then pinned them to one side. I'm really into a classy vintage style so that was the look I was going for and I felt really great, I wish I could dress like that more often.

My travel essentials

Hello lovelies,
Not long ago I went travelling, precisely to Cyprus with an Erasmus+ project. All I can say that it was absolutely amazing and will make a separate blog post about it. I have a lot to tell you and photographs to share from this life changing project.
I was so excited about going there, I remember packing my things all night and I couldn't decide what to take with me - every girl's problem since forever!
But there is an expectation, from the begging I knew I was going to take some products - these are my travel essentials.
I packed my make-up and hygiene products into a bigger bag but here I'm just going to show you the products that I really love to take with me whenever I go travelling. 

The first think from my travel essentials is Tangle Teezer I really can't imagine going anywhere without it, it's a life saver a specially with my long hair. I've been using Tangle Teezers since 3-4 years now and I will probably stick to it for many more years to come, it's small, handy, fits into any bag, it's light and just looks really nice.
Next to the hair brush there are some LUSH Toothy tabs, they are not only great for everyday use but also perfect for travelling. In this case I took the gold ,,Bling'' Toothy tabs and they are just so fun to use, they're small and handy unlike normal toothpaste and they are much healthier.
Wheenever I go traveling I like to take many products for facial care, because of the rapid climate change my skin gets really dry. My favourite from all of them are the LUSH Oatifix face mask and Imperialis facial moisturizer. The face mask has a really thick consistency, because it has milled pieces of oats. The smell of it is really gorgeous, it smells like coca butter and vanilla and you just want to eat it! the best part of this face mask is, that it's really moisturizing and you don't even need to use a moisturizer after using it, bacuse your skin is just lively and tensed. I use the Imperialis facial moisturiser in the evening and in the morning, it keeps my face motorised and protected throughout the whole day.
The next essential is my LUSH Strawberry Bombshell chapstick, it adds a nice, bright colour to my lips and keeps them motorized.
There is my all time favourite highlighter from Makeup Revolution London - Blushing Hearts Triple Baked and KOBO professional Matt bronzing & contouring powder. I love to use bronzer and highlight on my face, it makes me look more bright and awake.
Lastly my sunglasses! they're just irreplaceable and it's also really important to protect your eyes form the bright sun and UV light. 
I've kept all of my essentials in this adorable Zoella Sugg bag, I really the design of it and it fits a lot of things, it's made from a glossy material which is easy to clean also I am a huge Zoella fan so it's just perfect, 

So that is all my lovelies, tell me in the comments what are your travel essential I would love to know