wtorek, 12 lipca 2016

Fit Diary #10

Hello lovelies,

Is it okay to treat yourself? To haver that extra three pieces of pizza and to top it all off drink some coke?
To make some cakes for somebody and while making them, lick the sweet pastry from the whisker and then, after baking have a bit of  the goodness that you made as well?
To go out with a friend and order some food at a restaurant, eat all of it because it tastes so good that you just can't resist, even though it is a bigger portion then you would usally allow yourself to have...
Is it okay to spend a relaxing evening and have some ice cream and pop corn or a glass of wine while watching movies or listening to music?
Is it okay to treat yourself sometimes without having to feel guilty?
Yes, it is okay!
Don't limit yourself so much and just do what makes you happy, if that extra piece of pizza will make you smile, just have it and you don't have to feel any guilt!
If you feel like you deserve it then don't stop yourself and do what makes YOU happy.
It really is okay to treat yourself once in a while and break away from the routine.
You should never feel guilty about eating.
I will increase my calories intake to around 1400 now because, I'm going to go to the gym everyday now for this whole month I need a lot more energy.
I workout a lot and now and after a long and intense workout I know I can treat myself and eat a bit more, because I will burn it off anyway so it's fine.
The reason why I'm going to the gym for one month only is because I'm in England for the summer holidays and there is a great gym near by where I live, so I have a very good access to it.

-Treadmill time: 24 min calories burned 200
-Leg swing time: 6:40 calories burned 50
-Bike time:18:00 min calories burned 100
-Medicine ball abs 100x
-Medicine ball squat 50x
-Medicine ball lunge 30x
-Weights lifts while laying down 30x
-Medicine ball crunches 50x
-Rowing machine 2000 m calories burned 100x
-Rotary calf 100x
-Leg curl 30x
-Shoulder press 30x
Youngheart workout 40 min
Aqua areobic 45 min
Calorie intake: 1153

-Zumba time 40 minutes
-Yoga class time 40 minutes
-LBT 45 minutes
Calorie intake: 1546

-Treadmill 200 calories
-Rowiing machine 2000m
-Open stride 200 calories
-Arm extension 50x
-Adductor 50x
-Abductor 100x
-Rotary calf 100x
-Hand bike time; 6 minutes calories: 20
-Rotary torso 50x
-Medicine ball abs 100x
-Medicine ball whole body 100x
Calorie intake: 1494

-Treadmill time: 22 minutes calories: 200
-Lat machine 50x
-Medicine ball abs 50x
-Medicine ball crunches 100x
Calorie intake: 1296

-Spin 45 minutes
-Abductor 150x
-Adductro 30x
Calorie intake: 1329

-Jogging time: 53 minutes distnce: 7.30 km
Calorie intake: 940

-40 minute Fat Blasting Total Body Strength Training and Toning Workout with FitnessBlender
Calorie intake: 1146


                                                                   Weight: 62 kg
Upper thigh: 55 cm
Lower thigh: 50 cm
                                                                    Waist: 69 cm
                                                                    Arm: 28 cm 
                                                                    Rear: 96 cm

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