wtorek, 5 lipca 2016

#9 Fit Diary

-Jogging 4.32 km
Calories intake: 957

-Miley Cyrus Workout Sexy Legs by XHIT Daily time: 17 minutes
-Working out at the gym time: 2 hours
-Squats 60x with 5kg weight
Calories intake: 1236

Working out at the Gym:
-Treadmill time: 30 min, calories burned: 217
-Bike time: 31min, calories burned: 200
-Leg Extension
-Leg Press
-Rowing machine 2024 meters
-Arm bike 5 minutes
-Stride, calories burned: 103
-Elliptical core Workout, time: 5min, calories burned: 37
-Swimming time: 45 minutes
Calories intake: 898

Working out at the Gym:
-Treadmill time: 41 min, calories burned: 340
-Bike time: 35 min, calories burned: 200
-Rowing machine 2023 meters
-Stepping machine time: 8 min, calories burned 51
-Chest incline 50x
-Leg extension 50x
-Leg press 50x
-Lat machine 100x
-Upper back 20x
-Arm bike time: 5 min, calories burned 23
-Leg curl 50x
-Abductor 100x
-Rotary Calf 50x
Swimming time: 30 min
Calorie intake: 828

-Treadmill time: 51 min, calories burned 402
-Pulley 50x
-Leg extension 50x
-Medicine ball abs 100x
-Medicine ball full body 100x
-Bike time: 40 min, calories 200
-Abductor: 150x
-Rotary Calf 60x
-Leg curl 50x
-Leg press 50 x
Calories intake: 1143

-Climber 50 calories
-Steps time: 8 minutes calories burned 50
-Abductor 100x
-Weight pull downs 50x
-Lat machine 50x
-Rotary Calf 50x
-Arm extension 50x
-Medicine ball abs 100x
-Swimming 35 minutes

-Sanela's Yoga for weight loss & flexability by PsycheTruth time: 16 minutes
-Beginners for yoga for Relaxation & Sleepp by PsycheTruth
-Yoga for Abs - 6 minute abs workout by Yoga with Adriene


                                                                     Weight: 62 kg
Upper thigh: 56 cm
Lower thigh: 50 cm
                                                                    Waist: 69 cm
                                                                    Arm: 27 cm 
                                                                    Rear: 97 cm

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