wtorek, 14 czerwca 2016

Weigh loss smoothie

Hello lovelies!

We all love smoothies don't we?! Not only they are delicious but also soo healthy. Smoothies make a wonderful option for a meal or a snack and they're so hellpful if you're trying to loose weight and be fit overall. If you're usally busy in the morning and you do everything in a rush, there's nothiung better than a smoothie, it's so quick to make and you can sip it on the way to work or school. Other than that, drinking a smoothie in the morning has lot's of health benifits;
-wakes up your metabolism for the whole day
- keeps you full and hydrated
- provides lot's of vitamins
-keeps you from indulging in empty carbohydrates.
Making smoothies is also so fun, believe me it's a very enjoyable process, you can choose your own fruits or vegatables and play around with colours and flavours, make your smoothies look cute and post pictures of them on your intagram. You will experiance a sence of well-being, happiness and you will feel better in your own body. I really do recommend drinking smoothies, so I'm going to show you how I usally make my smoothies,

What I do first is look around the kitchen and choose some available fruits or vegatables. If I don't have any I simply go to the shop and buy some or go and pick some from my tiny fruit garden.
For todays smoothie I used:
- 1 bananna
- 3 peaches
- Handful of strawberries, straight from my garden
- Fresh basil leaves

What I did first is I've peeled and washed my fruits and cut them into small pieces, so that they are easier to blend.

I placed my fruits into my blending cup and added some honey and ice to make the smoothie nice and cold, then blended everything together. 

And that's it! it's so simple to make, only takes about 2 minutes, so if you're unpatient 
like me, this is a perfect healthy snack for you. 

Thank you for reading this short post guys, I would like to know what friuts or vegatables you use to make your smoothies, tell me in the comments below xo

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