wtorek, 14 czerwca 2016

Trip to England - Lincoln

Hi lovelies!
Not long ago I went to England, to be specific to Lincoln - my English home town.
I explored my beautiful city again but from a whole different perspective with a piece o sentiment and fondness. Lincoln is a beautiful historical city in the east of England. I've lived there for 5 years before I moved to Poland, and then after a year a went back to visit. I've discovered that this city has a beautiful climate especially in the heart of the city near the Cathedral. I love the old town, cute little cafes, vintage shops, red brick houses, moist roads, historical past and the way some people dress there. I really wish you could see the city yourself, I know nothing can interpret the reality but I took some pictures that reflect my impression and feelings while I was exploring this beautiful city.

Me still in Poland, getting ready to go to the airport 

I love salt and vinegar crisps! unfortunately they aren't available in Poland 
so whenever I go to England I always have them!

Me and my little sister in Lincoln's museum 

Meeting old friends is the best thing ever!

Going back to Poland 

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