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Party make up - Smoky eye and bright lips

Hello lovelies!

As you may know, I've been partying a lot latley. I never liked big parties but now I love it!
There's been lot's of 18th birthday parties and most of my friends are adults now! it's a scary thought that I'm going to be 18 soon too. Anyway, I love to get ready for all of these parties, and my favourite part is doing my make-up, I love to play around with it, change the way I blend my eye shadows, use different colours and discover different tricks. 
I will show you the make up that I did when I went to the last birthday pary and go through, how I've done it and what products I used.

Kiss, kiss

These pictures aren't the best, I know... when I made them I was messing about and didn't plan to post them on this blog, so please don't bother about me, just look at the make up.
Also I'm not sure why, but my hair looks ginger on these photos, I'm actually blonde if you're curious if I dyed my hair, I didn't.

So let's get on with the make up!
What I did first is I exfoliated my skin with Avon clear skin - pore penetrating scrub and then moisturized my skin with Natural olive cream from Ziaja (polish cosmetics brand, you can get their cosmetics in any polish shops aboard). I like to do this before I know I'm going to be applying more make up than usual to keep my skin healthy and hydrated,

Next I applied my favourite faundation, that I use everyday in little amounts and for special occasions  but in larger amounts. I apply it by making dots on my face, starting with the forehead and under the eyes, then the cheecks, chin, nose, sides of the face and lastley a little bit on the neck to make it less visable and to avoid a foundation line. I don't use any props to blend my foundation, I prefer to do it with my clean fingers, because I just feel like it blends better. The foundation that I use is from another polish cosmetic brand called Under 20 - Ani Acne mattifying foundation and as I said it's my favourite foundation ever and I think I'll never switch to a different one.

Powder and conceler
I want my face to look absolutely perfect, so after applying my fondation I use some conceler, mainly under my eyes but also near my nose, lips and on my forhead to cover any imperfections. My favourite types of concelers are coversticks, the one I used on that day was Miss sporty - So Clear coverstick. Other than that I used a little bit of a cream foundation that has a very dense consistency and lasts for the whole night, I only used it under my eyes, that product is called KOBO Professional - Ideal cover make up. To set everything, and make sure that when I dance my make up doesn't come off I used some transparent powder KOBO Professional - transparent matt powder, I love this powder, because it gives me this perfect skin effect and it lasts for a long time.

Using bronzer and contouring my face with it gives me a boost of confidence! whenever I contour my face I feel much slimmer and I feel like my face looks much better overall. I feel like bronzer is like a cherry to a pie.What I usally do is apply a good amount of bronzer on my contouring brush and make a streight line under my cheek bones. That line guides me a lot but of course I don't leave it like that, I blend it well so it looks natural and flawless. I also apply a little bit of the bronzer on the sides of my forehead to make it look smaller, on my neck to make it slimmer and underneath my chin to cover my little dubble chin. The bronzer that I'm using right now is KOBO Professional - Bronzer in the colour 311 Nurbian Desert.

Eye shadow 
For me eye shadow is the most important part, but also the most favourite one. It's the part where I can play around and get creative. I usally do some smokey eye, what I do first is apply a base and then a neutral eye shadow in a peachy hue, then I apply a white on the inner corner on my eye and a light brown on the outer lorners. I feel that this is kind of a contour to my eye, it immediatley makes my eyes look bigger and it gives them a nice shape. I did this with the w7 NAKED Nuded eyeshadow palette. After this I used some darker brown to define my crease with an eye shadow from Catrice Quattro baked eyeshadow - Limited Edition check & tweed and I also used some of the white in my inner corners from this platette, because it's a very bright white.Next I used an eye shadow called Bruned Copper on my outer corners and blended it well, that eye shadow is from SEVENTEEN Easy on the eye Birthday suit palette (Zoella has the same one!). To give it a finishing touch I added a little bit of the light turqoise from GOSH guattro eye shadow 02239, near the outer corners and underneath my water line. If you're wondering how I've kept my eye shadow line so straight and clean, I used one very simple trick, before I did the blending I stuck some tape from the outer corners of my eye to the eyebrow.

My eye lashes are naturally pretty short, so usally whenever I go out I use some fake eyelash knots. I didn't have any this time so I have to do my best with mascaras!  First I applied a layer on my top and bottom lashes of an eyelash conditioner from Eveline cosmetics - SOS Lash Booster to make my eye lashes appear longer and thicker. I waited a few minutes for the conditioner to dry and then apply my mascara like I usally would, I used ASTOR Big&Beautiful BOOM volume masara, I did about two layers with it and then applied one layer of a RIMMEL London Scandal eyes xtreme volume&lenght mascara. I like to use two different types of masacaras sometimes, because I feel like it gives off a better effect.

For my eyebrows I did what I usally do but maybe more neatly. I drew the outline of my eyebrow first, filled it in and brushed it with the tip of the eyebrow pencil, I used an eye brow pencil from Catrice cosmetics. I could say more about my eyebrows but I'm planning to make seperate post about how I do my eyebrows so keep patient!

My lips were pretty dried so I used some carmex and sugar peeling to make them apper softer and more exfuliated, Then I outlined them and filled in with RIMMEL London - Lasting finish Colour Rush bright pink.

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