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LUSH Toothy tabs - review

Hello lovelies,
I absolutley adore Lush products, I know it sounds like I'm promoting their company but I actually want to encourage people to invest in natural, harm free products.  

Tooth paste - everyone knows what it is, everyone is using it. The normal tooth paste that we use is usually minty, foams really well and makes our teeth shiny and gives us fresh minty breath. 
Have you ever wondered if there are any different alternatives to toothpaste? well I have...I've read some articles about harmful ingrediants in toothpaste, even though we don't swollow toothpaste, some of the chemicals make their way into your bloodstream. Mouth is the most absorbent place in a human body so thats why it's so easy fo the ingreadiants to get into our body. Keep in mind that toothpaste is something we use everyday, at least twice a day, so I think we should choose it carefully as many popular brands contain ingrediants that should be avoided.

I've switched from toothpaste to toothy tabs exactly a year ago and I don't thing I'm ever going back!
The first ones I used were ,,Dirty Toothy Tabs'' when I used them for the first time... I'm going to be honest, I really didn't like it. I thought they tasted like soap or washing powder (even thoush I never tried any of these things) and I couldn't keep them in my mouth for too long.
After a while I got used to the taste and it wasn't bad at all! only the first impression wasn't great, because it was something new and I've never tried anything like this before.
Only after the first use I've noticed that my teeth were really clean, slick and shiny! That effect lasted for a really long time, even after I had something to eat.
I started to use them daily and I fell in love, after a while I have noticed that my teeth were looking whiter and healthier overall! I went to the dentist and she said that my teeth are in a very good state now even though my teeth are discolored and should be weak.


How to use them?

As on any LUSH products there are nicely written instructions on the packaging.
Toothy tabs are little tablets that you crunch up between you teeth and brush away with a wet toothbrush, this will make a nice foam. You should only use one at a time and don't swollow the foam.


What's good? 

- Small packaging, uselful for traveling or carrying in a bag through out the day
- 100 % Recycable packaging, friendly to the enviroment!
- Vegan and crulety free
- Quick and easy to use
- Made from natural ingrediants only
- Good price
- Lasts for a long time
- Foams well
- Many different flavours
- Whitens and improves the state of teeth
- Essential oils and spices 
- Sparkly teeth!
- No preservatives
- No left overs in the toothpaste tube which mean so product watsed!

Any cons?

- Some people might not like the taste but it depends on the personal preference and getting used to it
- May be abrasive because of the chalky texture

Which ones to choose? 

Toothy tabs come in 7 different flavours: Bling, Miles of Smiles, Sparkle, Dirty, Oral Pleasure, Limelight and Boom. They're all really awesome and use unique ingrediants so it's really hard to choose from.
Lush has an exact descriprion of their products on their website and they advice which tabs to choose depending on what you like, so i you're struggling to choosing them check out their article:


Personally I have only used the ,,DIRTY'' and ,,Boom!'' Toothy tabs. I'm going to review them shortly to give you a brief idea about them. I'm also planning to try all of the different flavours to find my favourite one.

The dirty toothy tabs were the first ones I've ever used and at the beggining I didn't like the taste but after a while I got used to it and actually enjoyed it. Like all toothy tabs, they have a gritty texture which you have to get used and at the beggining it might seem a bit odd. I feel like these little powdery pieces actually helped to clean, smooth and exfoliate my teeth and gums really well.
The main ingrediant in the ,,DIRTY'' toothy tabs  is Neroli Oil (Citrus Amara), this oil is antibacterial and antimicrobial, repairs and rejuvenates (this is extremly helpful if you have problems with gums), it has calming and relaxing scent which acts as tranquilizer and relieves tension that has been building all day, so it's great to use the dirty toothy tabs at the end of the day, just to relax a liitle bit while brushing your teeth.
The taste of these tabs is a little bit minty with a hint of baking soda, it's not a strong taste and there's no strong after taste as there usally is after using ordinary toothpaste. That pleasant minty taste is caused by Spearmint oil.


Dicalcium Phosphate , Sodium Bicarbonate , Cream of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate) , Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate , Sorbitol , Kaolin , Spearmint Oil (Mentha spicata) , Neroli Oil (Citrus Aurantium amara) , Sodium Saccharin , *Limonene , *Linalool , Flavor.

All ingrediants are natural and there are safe synthetics only.

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