wtorek, 28 czerwca 2016

Discover the place that you live in

Hello lovelies,

I love to travel and I feel like everytime I go to a new place I dicover a part of myself, a new feeling or impression. We often travel aborad but forget how beautiful the place that we live in might be. You don't need lot's of money to travel, as a teenage girl I know how difficult it is, but there are many ways to travel. I've never fully noticed how beautiful and intresting the place that I live in really is.
Busy with everyday life tasks and responsibilities I've ignored my surroundings and missed out a lot.
I've decided to appreciate the place that I live in and travel more locally, so I took my bike and went straight ahead, as I rode my bike I've admired the incredible views and enjoyed the warm weather, also at the same time I had a great workout!
I like to discover new villages or towns so often I get on a train and go anywhere I want to.

Things you can do when traveling locally:

Find a new forest and run, admire the nature, observe the world and see extraordinary things, sit somewhere and read a book, go to a cafe or a restaurant you've never been to, go on long bike rides, take pictures, rest and relax, meet new people, observe animals, go on a picnic, look at the sunset.

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