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#7 Fit Diary

Hello lovelies,
Hard work pays off, that is my key thought right now. If you put enough effort into something you will get what you want. I remember how I felt 7 weeks ago… uncomfortable, fat and tired.
I didn't like my like my body as much as I should and I knew it could look better. The beginnings are always the hardest! but they're the biggest step to make a change, when you make the first step thats half the battle. It's also good to enjoy working out, I know it's hard sometimes and you will feel like giving up many times but you have to push yourself and you will make yourself stronger with every move you do, when you feel like giving up. Make it something you want to do, that you look forward to do. If you tell yourself that working out is enjoyable and look at it from a positive perspective, you will want to do it everyday. I thought it was impossible, that I would give up after a few days but I pushed my elf because, that's the only way to success.

To be honest I'm still in the beginning of weight loss journey and I'm not going to stop now, that is for sure. I'm much happier with my body now, I feel confident while wearing shorts and a crop top now. Over these 7 weeks I've lost 6 kg and a few inches from my thighs, waist and arms. I'm very proud of my self and even though my progress isn't the best, smaller steps are always better than no steps at all. I appreciate every small change I see in my body.
When you see a number go down on a scale… an inch away on a meausre or your belly getting more and more toned up every time you look in the mirrior; that is the best feeling ever, because you know that your hard work is paying off and you know that you're not doing it for nothing. 
I feel better in my body now, I feel healthier and stronger. It's a positive change that everybody deserves, I would be contented if my FitDiary encouraged anybody to be fit.
Even if it's just one person I will be the happiest person on earth.
If you would like to join me on this journey feel free to message me or comment down below about it and I will support you just as much as I can.

Always remember to love yourself no matter what size you are, if you feel good in your own body and don't want to change anything, stay this way because you are perfect the way you are. If you're not happy with it - change it and make yourself look the way you want to.

-Bike ride 20km
-Jogging 60 minutes
Calories: 1175

-Bike ride 20km
-Jogging 35 minutes
Calories: 1291

-The Fat Loss for Ladies abs workout 10 minutes
-Crunches 200
-Push ups 20
Calories: 1103

-Bike ride 20km
-Kayaking 90 minutes
Calories: 791

-Bike ride 26km
Calories: 927

-Cardio Workout by XHIT Daily 10 minutes
-Butt and Thigh workout by FitnessBlender 5 minutes
-100 crunches
-30 push ups

-Bike ride 25km


                                                                     Weight: 61 kg
Upper thigh: 55 cm
Lower thigh: 51cm 
                                                                    Waist: 69 cm
                                                                    Arm: 27 cm 
                                                                    Rear: 97 cm

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  1. Siłownia dobra na wszystko. Też prowadzę styl życia fit dlatego w pełni Cie rozumiem.
    Zapraszam do siebie w wolnej chwili. Dopiero zaczynam.

    1. Dokładnie Alu, badzo bym chciała chodzić na siłownie, może teraz gdy w końcu są wakacje i jest sporo wolnego czasu to w końcu się zapiszę! :)
      Fit styl życia - najlepszy!
      Bardzo chętnie zobaczę twojego bloga.

  2. bardzo spodobał mi się cytat, super motywacja!
    zapraszamy w wolnej chwili :)

  3. 6kg w 7 tyg to na prawdę spory wyczyn:) poza tym podoba mi się Twój plan treningowy, bardzo mądrze ułożony:) oczywiście życzę wytrwałości i powodzenia dalej:*

  4. So fab!

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