piątek, 20 maja 2016

I got a job!

Hello my Lovelies!
How have you all been? how's life going? I hope everything is going well.
My life's been pretty interesting latley I have visited Warsaw, my sister came back from Englad for a few days to spend time with me, I've been studying and partying a lot and I got a job!
It's a frist job where I have contact with customers and to be honest on the first day I was very nervous! I work in a tiny cute ice cream parlor and sell natural ice cream, I really like the fact that the ice cream I'm selling is 100% made from natural ingrediants and there are no artificial flavours and colors added. I decided to take on this job because I want to gain a little bit of experiance and make some money which is always usefull. The first day was very scary aspecially because I had to have contact with customers and I was responsible for a lot of things, like the weight of the ice-cream, the amount and flavour... sometimes it was very confusing and when I was sterssed, I forgot everything and had to ask the customers about the flavour again which was really awkward.
I really do care what people think and I want do everything well, but in the end I'm only human, I make mistakes.

This photo was not taken by me 

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