czwartek, 19 maja 2016

Bringing back the ,,old'' times

Hi lovelies, 
I just found this gif that was made 2 years ago, 
I know 2 years isn't a lot but I gained pretty a lot of weight since then. On this gif my belly is flat and you can see my pelvis and ribs... now? it's all covered up with fat. 
I want my body back! and I will do my best to make it happend or at least I'll try. I hope that you are with me through this journey, a positive journey that will change everything for the better. 
 It will make you feel proud of yourself and happy with yout own body.
How many times have you looked in the mirror and saw something you don't like? 
Change it! you have enough strenght to do it! only your excuses are stopping you from reaching your goal. You are strong enough, all you have to do is work hard annd you will achive what you want!
You can get the figure you had a few years ago, you can do it because I believe in you and I believe in myself. 

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