czwartek, 26 maja 2016

#4 Fit Diary

Hello lovelies,
I have some good news, I actually figured something out and I can see big changes coming!
So far I ate how much I wanted to eat, I never controlled it. I ate large portions and had food because I was bored, because it tasted good and just for the sake of eating and feeling full even when I needn't to eat. Basically my biggest enemy is avidity, but as I mentioned in my last post, I have found an app called Fitatu. This app helps you to get the right amount of calories each day to maintain, lose or gain weight. In the app you have to insert your age, height, weight, physical activity during each week and how much weight you want to lose. Then it comes up with the perfect amount of calories, that you should have each day of the week. I'm truly positivley impressed with this app, I've only been using it for a week and I can already see big effects, I have lost about 3 kg in a week! I really can't believe it and I'm so happy. For the first time in a very long time I feel slim and good in my own body. I feel much lighter, my belly is getting flatter and my thigs have lost a few inches as well. My body is getting used to eating smaller portions more often and it's coping pretty well with this big change.
Before I was blinded, I never realised that I've been eating too much, I was used to these large portions and they seemed normal to me. A lot of times, when I was full already I still continued to eat because the food tasted so good and I just couldn't stop my self.

This week workouts and calories  

- Rest day
Calories: 828

- 1 hour bike ride
Calories: 1454

- 30 km bike ride
Calories: 849

- Squats 200x
- Crunches 50x
Calories:  850

- Rest day 
Calories: 1053

- Victoria's Secret Abs by XHIT Daily time: 5 minutes
- Thigh exercises For Losing Fat by XHIT Daily, time: 12 minutes
- Push ups 30x
- Crunches 50x
Calories: 1208 

- Rest day
- Calories: 1136

- Fat Burning Full Body Workout by XHIT Daily time: 7 minutes
-Ab workout by XHIT Daily time: 5 minutes
-Squats 100x
-Crunches 50x
-Push ups 30x
Calories: 880

- Bike ride 30 km
Caloeris: 802

- Rest day
Caloeries: 664

-Thigh exercises For Losing Fat by XHIT Daily, time: 12 minutes
- Crunches 50x
-Push ups 30x
Calories: 1060


                                                                  Weight: 62 kg
Upper thigh: 57 cm
Lower thigh: 51 cm 
                                                                  Waist: 71 cm
                                                                  Arm: 28 cm 
                                                                  Rear: 99 cm

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