czwartek, 19 maja 2016

1 month break from working out

Hello lovelies!
First of all I want to apologise for not posting anything for over a month, I actutally have a decent reason for this - my laptop has been broke!
To be honest I really missed blogging and since I didn't have access to my laptop I didn't workout much... and yes and I do feel really bad.
I worked out a few times, but without this blog it was hard to keep the track of it. I got discouraged very quickly and finally stopped working out. I haven't lost any weight and I'm still very unhappy with the way my body looks. Nothing seems to motivate me, I'm often too tired or too lazy.
Fit diary actually keeps me working out quiet regurally so I'm going to continue it. After one month of working out and sharing it I have noticed that my belly got more toned up which I really like.
I know that continuing to share the diary with you guys will keep me going! I need a dose of motivation and this blog gives me a lot of it!
 I can't give up because I don't want to be unhappy with my body forever, and my biggest fear is that it will be worse in the future, that I will gain even more weight.
I've installed an app called Fitatu and will try to eat less to loose more weight, I will be posting how many calories I had each day next to my exercises.

This week workouts: 

- Beach bodyweight workout - BodyFit by Amy time: 15 minutes
- Squats 120 x
- Crunches 50x
- Push ups 20x
Calories: 1445

- Crunches 50x
Calories: 747

- 32 Minute Home Cardio Workout by FitnessBlender - 10 minutes
- Squats 200x
- Crunches 50x
- Push ups 30x
Calories: 779

- 8 Min Abs Workout by Passion4Profession - 8 minutes
- Squats 50x
- Push ups 20x
Calories: 1454

- 16 km bike ride
Calories: 1033

- Squats 200x
- Crunches 50x
- Push ups 30x
Calories: 1057

Rest day
Calories: 1074


                                                                  Weight: 63 kg
Upper thigh: 58 cm
Lower thigh: 53 cm 
                                                                  Waist: 72 cm
                                                                  Arm: 29 cm 
                                                                  Rear: 98 cm

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