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Cyntha Sylvia stout shampoo review

Hello my lovely readers,
I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting for a while but school is actually taking over my life and unfortunately I spend most of my time studying, but I promise  that I will manage my time better and spend more time on what I really enjoy, which is blogging!  
So today I would like to bring out something which is more associated with beauty and hair!
I'm going to talk a little bit about my hair and review a LUSH Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo.

Long hair problems and trying to find the right shampoo

As you may know if you've seen my other posts I have really long hair and sometimes I find it really difficult to take care of it. If you have long hair you may know the struggle…  
Through my hair care journey I have tried countless amount of hair products and tried to find the perfect ones for every day use.The hardest product to find that would actually benefit my hair properly was a good shampoo. I'm not going to name any brands but most shampoos that I've used left my hair really dry and dull and that is a fact. I had to use coconut oil on the ends of my hair to bring them to a ,,normal" state, because after washing it the ends of my hair were really dry and not only unpleasant to touch but also frizzy. The most annoying part was that I didn't use any heat on my hair what so ever! so there was no reason for them to be damaged because I took care of them perfectly. 
Finally I got the chance to try out a LUSH shampoo. The one I got was Cynthia Sylvia Stout and it was the 500 gram one.

My thoughts of the shampoo

First of all I would like to share my experience on using it. 
What I noticed at first was the specific and strong scent, it was a lot different form any other shampoos that I've used but it was actually pleasant. It kind of reminded me of lemon beer, but that was expected because the main ingredients of this shampoo is stout and fresh organic lemon juice, so if you love the smell of beer you will be obsessed with it! the scent might be a negative thing  because it may not appeal to everyone but I actually think that it's really nice and extraordinary and also you can get used to it, so as long as the shampoo does it's job it will not be a huge problem.
 I could tell just by the scent that the shampoo was made form natural ingredients.

As I poured the solution on my hand I noticed that the consistency was a little bit runny which is not a bad thing at all! I was just used to thick and creamy consistency. The thing that I found odd was the rare color of the shampoo as it was a dark and murky brown/maroon. The color could be a slight put off and also it made me worry slightly because I have naturally blonde hair and I thought that it could turn my hair into a darker shade, but after months of using it I have not noticed any changes in my natural hair color so there's nothing to worry about!

When I applied the shampoo solution I was really satisfied with how it has actually worked on my hair, it immediately made it softer and  it lathered pretty well at first, but after a while of washing and scrubbing the lather was all gone and it basically turned into liquid but that was because there weren't any chemical boosters added to the shampoo. To make more lather I simply added a bit more shampoo while washing it but that wasn't necessary.

After my hair has dried I could finally see the final results of using this shampoo and I have been blown away! my hair has never felt so soft and healthy. It cleaned my hair really well but at the same time hasn't left the ends of my hair really dry and frizzy, I was so pleased and I finally found the right shampoo that would actually benefit my hair. Not only that my hair was looking healthy and shiny it smelled ,gorgeous too! and the scent stayed on my hair all day long and I got lot's of compliments from people around me on my hair.

Overall, I have used this product for over 5 months and now I just finished a whole bottle and I love it! I've noticed that after a longer time of using it my hair got a lot thicker and looks so much healthier.The product does exactly what it does what it says on the label and even more because it smells great and it does and amazing job alongside my other hair products. I would definitely buy this product again but right now I'm keen on trying other Lush shampoo's so you are more then welcome to share the ones you think are worth trying.


As I gave my own opinion on the shampoo, now it's time for facts! I would like to turn into an investigator and look closely at each of the ingredients and see if they're actually natural. To find out I'm going to do a precise research,

Stout (beer) - The bottle says ,,The beer we use in this shampoo is vegan,bought from a nice, independent brewery that doesn't add anything horrid to their stout'' so I believe this is true.

Water (Aqua) - Well we all know what water is... unless you're an alien!

Ammonium Laurenth Sulfate - This sounds a bit interesting... the name kind of reminds me of SLS and it's similar to it. I found out that like many surfactants, ammonium laurenth sulfate makes a really good cleaner. It could cause irritation of eyes in skin but only when concentrated in very high amounts, Ammonium laurenth sulfate is actually much milder and gentler then SLS so it's a good pick! and it's a good cleanser too.

Fine Sea Salt - Sea salt prevents hair loss and another known benefit is the stimulation on healthy hair growth. Massaging the scalp with products that contain sea salt improves circulation of blood and strengths of hair follicles.

Lauryl Betaine - I actually found this ingredient of LUSH's website, they described the substance precisely but I'm going to point out a few things that I found out about it. The substance works as a conditioner and it is a mild agent that cleans and works well in shampoo because it also improves quality of the foam and gets rid of oil and dirt.

Propylene Glycol - This substance is mild and it helps the skin absorb moisture and it softens the hair and smooth the hair after the shampoo base has cleansed it thoroughly.In combination with ols such as coconut, almond or jojoba it helps to repair damage that has been done to the hair, increase strength and protect the hair from dryness.

Benzyl Alcohol - This substance is usually used as a fragrance; benzyl has a sweet sense. It occurs naturally in several essential oils including jasmine and ylang ylang. It has been approved by The Soil Association for use in organic cosmetics.

Fresh Organic Lemon Juice - Lemon juice has natural exfoliating propitiates and helps to strengthen hair other then that it stimulates hair growth and has a lightening effect.

Cognac Oil - It is an organic substance used instead of  enthyl pelarognate.

Lemongrass Oil - It helps to gain thick and lustrous hair. It acts as a natural moisturizer and can prevent dry scalp and dandruff.

Yeast - Makes hair stronger and shinier, prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

Organic Balsamic Vinegar - Gives hair a glossy shine and a soft texture. This is because acid nature of vinegar, smooths down the cuticles on the hair. Additionally Balsamic Vinegar conditiones the hair as well.

Citral and Geraniol - Occurs naturally in essential oils

Perfume - Adds a lovely and unique scent to the shampoo

Methylparaben and Propylparaben - They have no beneficial use for the hair and could be irritant, it is added to the product to keep the shampoo active longer on the shelf.

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