sobota, 12 marca 2016

Casual make-up

Hello lovelies, 
How are you all? today I'm sharing with you my casual make-up. I don't wear it everyday because I prefer much simpler make-up like concealer, mascara and some bronzer, but I usually wear this type of make-up whenever I go out, it's a simple and gentle look. I'm only listing out the products that I've used, but if you'd like to see a make-up tutorial just comment down below and I will make a separate post about it. 

What I used for this make-up: 
- My favorite under 20 foundation
- Transparent matt powder from KOBO Professional
- Bronzing powder from KOBO Professional
- Eye brow pencil from Catrice cosmetics 
- Mascara from Astor Big&Beautiful Boom
- Lip pencil from smart girls get more in the color Nude pink 01
- Lipstick from KOBO in the color 302 Natural Beauty 
- Coverstick from essence in the color 04 True Nude 
- Eye shadows from Seventeen easy on the eye palette

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