środa, 23 marca 2016

#3 Fit Diary

Hello lovelies,
How have you all been? I hope everything's going fine.
I'm going to be totally honest with you... I haven't been working out for two days, I already broke the promise that I've made to myself and I feel terrible.
I know two days isn't a lot but this is how it all ends; two days without workout, then three and four and then no workout at all! I know myself and this always happens.
After a few days of not working out I just give up and don't workout at all because I feel like there's no point.
I really don't want this to happen this time.
I want to stay strong and motivated and this blog has been helping me a lot.
So on Monday I was pretty tired after school because I only had 6 hours of sleep. When I got home it was pretty late so the first thing I did was put on my pajamas, had lunch and went to bed. I spend the rest of my evening laying in bed, watching ,,The American Horror Story'' and eating chocolates. In my head I was thinking; it's fine I'll just have a rest day and work twice as hard tomorrow.
So the next day I also went to school, I wasn't tired because I went earlier to bed but when I came home, I literally did nothing! I was being extremely lazy... again laid in my bed with my pajamas on and didn't even pick up myself up to do even a 10 minute workout. Laziness is my biggest enemy.
I was making silly excuses to my self just so I didn't have to workout.
I was also put off because instead of loosing weight, I gained 1 kg after a week of workouts.
When I don't work out I feel really guilty and bad about myself, but when I do workout I feel so relieved and satisfied. I wish I could see the results faster, I hate waiting, I guess I'm an inpatient perfectionist. It's Wednesday today and guess what?
Yup! I was being lazy today as well! but I felt so extremely bad about myself so I got up with my lazy bum and did some squats and crunches. It wasn't a lot but at least I did something. I'm not going to give up, I'm not going to be lazy tomorrow!
Even though it's hard and it hurts I can't give up.
I want working out to be a part of my daily routine, something that has to be done like brushing my teeth or doing my make-up.
Summer will be here in 4 months and nobody is going to do it for me.

This week workouts:

-Rest day

-Rest day

-Squats 200x
-Crunches 60x

-Ewa Chodakowska - Speed effect, time: 30 minutes

-Squats 200x
-Crunches 50x
-Push ups 10x

-Jogging, time: 45 minutes
-Squats 200x
-Crunches 50x
-Push ups 10x

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