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How to make autumn a happy season

 Autumn is often associated with depression, cold weather and end 
of the holidays. I know it's a bit odd to say but autumn is 
actually my favorite season of the year. If you hate autumn I will 
try to persuade you to start liking it even just a little bit. 

So here are ways to make autumn a happy season! 

1. Look around you! the world is withering and it's 
a beautiful phenomenon. Go for a walk or
on a bike ride around your town or village, enjoy the calming colors 
of oranges, yellows and reds. Take pictures and enjoy
the beautiful view because it doesn't last long!

2. Do some pumpkin craving for Halloween!
Get creative and use your skills to make
unique pumpkin craving designs. It's so fun!

3. Take a dog for a walk, pets 
are great and they can they can bring
up your mood!

4. Collect leaves and make a leave diary

5.Take fun pictures

6. Make your bed. Put on some
fresh sheets, cosy blankets and pillows 
Trust me it will make everything better. 

7. Candles, lots of aromatic candles. 

8. Read a book, let it take you into a different world.

9.Admire the warming sunset while breathing the shivery air.

10. Remember to stay motivated and aim 
towards your goal.

See autumn isn't that bad, it just depends the way you
look at it and how you you manage your time.
Stay positive and take the best out of it, enjoy every
moment and have lot's of fun.

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