sobota, 19 września 2015

My wonderful trip to the zoo

Hi lovelies, 
I went to the zoo in Wroclaw- Poland and it was amazing !
The zoo is absolutely beautiful and breath taking and it also has 
an amazing history too. It was the first zoo ever opened in Poland 
and it has survived two world wars. It has over 7000 animals, representing
600 different species. If you love nature and animals just like me it would 
be a perfect place to spend a day at. You can learn a lot by observing animal 
behavior; by watching them you can tell how loving and fascinating they are. 
I saw a monkey for the first time in my life and I could tell how much 
we relate to them, I even fed one and touched it's hand, the experience
is unforgettable!. My favorite part of the zoo was the ,,Afrykarium'' 
that's where the large fish tanks were, you could even walk through a fish 
tank tunnel! words can't explain how amazing that place was 
so I'm going to show you a few pictures, and if you ever get a chance
to be in Poland visit zoo in Wroclaw, you will not regret it I promise! 

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