poniedziałek, 13 lipca 2015

Casual OOTD

Hi lovelies, 
A few days ago I was at my grandmothers allotment, 
it was a nice sunny day, which was a nice change because 
it's been raining all the time here in Poland. 
I helped to collect some cherries and raspberries but while I 
was there I decided to take some photographs and do a ootd. 
It's a casual, comfy ootd nothing special, but I thought 
I would  show you it anyways, sorry about the lighting 
in the photos I realize it's really bad. 

Baggy trousers - Euphoria 
Shoes - Converse

Jumper - Nike  

Top - Euphoria 
It's got a nice golden shimmer 

Bracelet- I can't remember where it's from

Sending lot's of good vibes!

Have an amazing day!
Love, Sandra xxx

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