sobota, 25 lipca 2015

Delish Dish filled mushrooms

Hi lovelies, 
today I had to make dinner so I decided 
to make something different than usual, I got 
inspired by thebodycoach on instagram and made
some filled mushrooms. They are sooo delicious! 

I got some large sized mushrooms, I took out 
the insides, filled them with butter and garlic at 
the bottom then added some baby tomatoes, 
cucumber and seasoned everything with 
powdered garlic, salt, pepper, basil and rosemary. 
I topped it of with some cheese and put it in the 
oven for 10 min, at 180 degrees. 
I served it with some chicken, baked baby tomatoes,  
dressing sauce, salad mixture, feta cheese 
and green olives, 

You can personalize this dish, fill the
mushrooms with many different vegatables a
and add an egg. Hope you enjoy it! 

Bon apetit 

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