sobota, 25 lipca 2015

DIY Birthday card

Hi lovelies, 
today I would like to show you a Birthday card 
that I've made for my mom. 
I think DIY cards are much better than the ones bought 
from the store, DIY card is the only one of it's kind... 
it's a great souvenir as well, you can also 
use your imagination and personalize it however 
you want it. 

Delish Dish filled mushrooms

Hi lovelies, 
today I had to make dinner so I decided 
to make something different than usual, I got 
inspired by thebodycoach on instagram and made
some filled mushrooms. They are sooo delicious! 

I got some large sized mushrooms, I took out 
the insides, filled them with butter and garlic at 
the bottom then added some baby tomatoes, 
cucumber and seasoned everything with 
powdered garlic, salt, pepper, basil and rosemary. 
I topped it of with some cheese and put it in the 
oven for 10 min, at 180 degrees. 
I served it with some chicken, baked baby tomatoes,  
dressing sauce, salad mixture, feta cheese 
and green olives, 

You can personalize this dish, fill the
mushrooms with many different vegatables a
and add an egg. Hope you enjoy it! 

Bon apetit 

wtorek, 14 lipca 2015

Potato and Leek Purée Recipe

Hi Lovelies, 
today I thought I would share with you a recipe for 
a really delicious dish! It's basically a Purée made from 
cooked leeks and potatoes, really easy to make so if you'd 
like to try it out keep reading!:)


 - 6 medium sized potatoes
- 2 large leeks
- Double cream
- Butter
- Chive
 - Salt
- Herbs (optional)
- Bread (optional)
-Veg Stock

Let's make it!

Step 1
Cut potatoes and leeks into small pieces.

Step 2
Heat up the pan and melt the butter

Step 3
Sauter the onions and garlic

Step 4
Add in potatoes and leeks
keep it on medium heat, keep steering until
the vegetables soften.

Step 5
Prepare 1/2 l vegetable stock

Step 6
Pour in the stock, keep it on high heat
until it starts boiling, then turn it to low heat
and cover the pan with a lid, leave it for about 15 min.

Step 7
Take it off the heat, add salt, herbs
of your choice and blend it, while
blending pour double cream.

Step 8
This is optional but it's a nice touch
to the puree. You can make croutons, just cut
some bread into small squares and fry it on hot oil,
once they're ready you can add seasoning and salt,
I chose to use some ground garlic and herbs.

Step 9
Just add some chive and you're done!

Bon appetit!

Have a good time cooking,

poniedziałek, 13 lipca 2015

Casual OOTD

Hi lovelies, 
A few days ago I was at my grandmothers allotment, 
it was a nice sunny day, which was a nice change because 
it's been raining all the time here in Poland. 
I helped to collect some cherries and raspberries but while I 
was there I decided to take some photographs and do a ootd. 
It's a casual, comfy ootd nothing special, but I thought 
I would  show you it anyways, sorry about the lighting 
in the photos I realize it's really bad. 

Baggy trousers - Euphoria 
Shoes - Converse

Jumper - Nike  

Top - Euphoria 
It's got a nice golden shimmer 

Bracelet- I can't remember where it's from

Sending lot's of good vibes!

Have an amazing day!
Love, Sandra xxx

Smokey eye make-up

Hi lovelies! 
Today I would like to show you the make up that I wore
recently. It's a simple smokey eye with a winged eye liner.
First of all I applied foundation and concealer under my eyes I used 
a brush to apply it. Next I took a smaller brush to apply the eye shadows, 
I applied a peachy color on the whole eye lid, then a white shimmery 
on the inner corners and a light matte grey on the outer corners of my eyes. 
I used a pencil eye liner for the winged line I also used it on my waterline. 
Lastly I did my eye brows with a Maybelline eyebrow pencil in a brown shade.
On my lips I used a matte pink lip gloss :)
I think it's an easy, girly look but with an edge, you should
definitely try it out!

Have a lovely day,
Sandra xxx  

środa, 1 lipca 2015

Mini haul

I went shopping today, I was only planning 
to get some paint but I found some nice stuff and I 
decided to get them as well. 

Festive top - HOUSE 

I finally found a choker! been looking for one for ages, 
I got it from Kik for a really good price as well. 

Oil paints - EMPIK

Decorative sand - Kik 
Bought it for my DIY project, love the color of it. 

Water bottle- Kik 

Hope you have an amazing day! 

Love Sandra xo