sobota, 7 listopada 2015

How to make autumn a happy season

 Autumn is often associated with depression, cold weather and end 
of the holidays. I know it's a bit odd to say but autumn is 
actually my favorite season of the year. If you hate autumn I will 
try to persuade you to start liking it even just a little bit. 

So here are ways to make autumn a happy season! 

1. Look around you! the world is withering and it's 
a beautiful phenomenon. Go for a walk or
on a bike ride around your town or village, enjoy the calming colors 
of oranges, yellows and reds. Take pictures and enjoy
the beautiful view because it doesn't last long!

2. Do some pumpkin craving for Halloween!
Get creative and use your skills to make
unique pumpkin craving designs. It's so fun!

3. Take a dog for a walk, pets 
are great and they can they can bring
up your mood!

4. Collect leaves and make a leave diary

5.Take fun pictures

6. Make your bed. Put on some
fresh sheets, cosy blankets and pillows 
Trust me it will make everything better. 

7. Candles, lots of aromatic candles. 

8. Read a book, let it take you into a different world.

9.Admire the warming sunset while breathing the shivery air.

10. Remember to stay motivated and aim 
towards your goal.

See autumn isn't that bad, it just depends the way you
look at it and how you you manage your time.
Stay positive and take the best out of it, enjoy every
moment and have lot's of fun.

poniedziałek, 26 października 2015

Warming compote recipe

 Hi lovelies!

Autumn is my favorite season of the year, I love the colorful leaves, rain outside, 
cosy blankets, spicy candles and warm drinks. Overall I just love the
whole atmosphere of fall time. So today I would like to share 
with you my favorite compote recipe.

You can literally use any fruit combinations you want, I like to use fruits I grew
 myself in the garden, I think it's more ecological and satisfying. 
As it's fall time there are plenty of late apples on the trees and grapes 
so I've decided to use them for my compote. 

How to make it!

Step 1: Cut about six medium sized apples depending on your pot size, mine 
was quiet large
Step 2: Add a few grapes, I added about 4 branches
Step 3: Add in some fresh mint and sliced lemons
Step 4: Sprinkle some cinnamon, ginger and about 6 teaspoons of sugar 
Step 5: You can add 1 tablespoon of honey to give it a nice taste 
Step 6: Lastly pour cold water until the fruits are soaked and boil for 10 mins

That is it! it's so easy but so perfect for a cosy autumn evening!
In addition it is delicious, healthy and worming. 

Hope you enjoy it 

sobota, 19 września 2015

My wonderful trip to the zoo

Hi lovelies, 
I went to the zoo in Wroclaw- Poland and it was amazing !
The zoo is absolutely beautiful and breath taking and it also has 
an amazing history too. It was the first zoo ever opened in Poland 
and it has survived two world wars. It has over 7000 animals, representing
600 different species. If you love nature and animals just like me it would 
be a perfect place to spend a day at. You can learn a lot by observing animal 
behavior; by watching them you can tell how loving and fascinating they are. 
I saw a monkey for the first time in my life and I could tell how much 
we relate to them, I even fed one and touched it's hand, the experience
is unforgettable!. My favorite part of the zoo was the ,,Afrykarium'' 
that's where the large fish tanks were, you could even walk through a fish 
tank tunnel! words can't explain how amazing that place was 
so I'm going to show you a few pictures, and if you ever get a chance
to be in Poland visit zoo in Wroclaw, you will not regret it I promise! 

sobota, 25 lipca 2015

DIY Birthday card

Hi lovelies, 
today I would like to show you a Birthday card 
that I've made for my mom. 
I think DIY cards are much better than the ones bought 
from the store, DIY card is the only one of it's kind... 
it's a great souvenir as well, you can also 
use your imagination and personalize it however 
you want it. 

Delish Dish filled mushrooms

Hi lovelies, 
today I had to make dinner so I decided 
to make something different than usual, I got 
inspired by thebodycoach on instagram and made
some filled mushrooms. They are sooo delicious! 

I got some large sized mushrooms, I took out 
the insides, filled them with butter and garlic at 
the bottom then added some baby tomatoes, 
cucumber and seasoned everything with 
powdered garlic, salt, pepper, basil and rosemary. 
I topped it of with some cheese and put it in the 
oven for 10 min, at 180 degrees. 
I served it with some chicken, baked baby tomatoes,  
dressing sauce, salad mixture, feta cheese 
and green olives, 

You can personalize this dish, fill the
mushrooms with many different vegatables a
and add an egg. Hope you enjoy it! 

Bon apetit 

wtorek, 14 lipca 2015

Potato and Leek Purée Recipe

Hi Lovelies, 
today I thought I would share with you a recipe for 
a really delicious dish! It's basically a Purée made from 
cooked leeks and potatoes, really easy to make so if you'd 
like to try it out keep reading!:)


 - 6 medium sized potatoes
- 2 large leeks
- Double cream
- Butter
- Chive
 - Salt
- Herbs (optional)
- Bread (optional)
-Veg Stock

Let's make it!

Step 1
Cut potatoes and leeks into small pieces.

Step 2
Heat up the pan and melt the butter

Step 3
Sauter the onions and garlic

Step 4
Add in potatoes and leeks
keep it on medium heat, keep steering until
the vegetables soften.

Step 5
Prepare 1/2 l vegetable stock

Step 6
Pour in the stock, keep it on high heat
until it starts boiling, then turn it to low heat
and cover the pan with a lid, leave it for about 15 min.

Step 7
Take it off the heat, add salt, herbs
of your choice and blend it, while
blending pour double cream.

Step 8
This is optional but it's a nice touch
to the puree. You can make croutons, just cut
some bread into small squares and fry it on hot oil,
once they're ready you can add seasoning and salt,
I chose to use some ground garlic and herbs.

Step 9
Just add some chive and you're done!

Bon appetit!

Have a good time cooking,